Super Snack Day! Including random observations on The Puppy Bowl

I wouldn’t call it a total bust, except of course, if your were really rooting for Payton. Then I’d call it a total bust. But if you were in the mood to have a nice Super Bowl Weekend with family and friends, and disparage the state of NFL football, then it wasn’t so bad.

We started yesterday with Eggs & Bakey. And Potatoes.

We went to the grocery this morning. That was pleasant.

Came home, put groceries away, diddled around.

Had leftover lunch of Cajun Chicken stew with vegan cornbread

and watched The Puppy Bowl as we were doing other things.

Insert a wonderful video of Missy chasing a lazar light.

And then we settled in to watch the game.

Nuff said.

The Doristos ad was #1.

RadioShack was good.


Buddy with the horseys.

And then I watched Sherlock. Which had a really lame ending.

And now, back to what matters. 

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  1. I thought the ending was lame at first, but then thought it really fits in with Conan Doyle’s account of Sherlock and the outrageous ways he roughy him back to pacify the fans.

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