Rest Easy, My Friends

I figured it out.

For the last day and a half– that’s 1.5 days– I’ve been fretting about the table at which we enjoy our evening meals. Without the television. Following the transition from Christmas to January, I wasn’t happy with the table. It worked. But I wasn’t happy with it. Yesterday, I hit upon an idea.

And today it worked.

I had to do some washing and ironing, but it worked. I also had to ask folks to please set aside the nice napkins and use a nicely folded paper towel. But it worked.

I got some opposition to my use of a bean seedling in a crappy black recycled plastic pot as the centerpiece.

But I got over it. Those are freshly washed and ironed tea-towels as place-mats. 

Let’s not forget what all the fuss is about. Ham glazed with cane syrup. Sweet Potatoes with some delicious orange thing.

See. When you develop the habit of eating good food, you should also develop the habit of consuming it in a nice environment. 

We linger over supper.

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