So tomorrow we are having Portugees chicken in a clay pot

I’ve been delinquent on spontaneous blogging which I know keeps you coming back for more. So I will recap recent thoughts.

1. In Mens Figure Skating, we give everyone a medal and a band-aide for his boo-boo. The “man” with the most boo-boos wins!

2. Celery is not all that hard to grow. The fact that celery self-seeds in the cracks of the patio is a clue.

3. I am trying to make the best of it but I am sick & tired of winter.

4. We need a new game. 

Wait! That’s not all!

“Swankie Steak”

Mr. Big Food was bound and determined to make this dessert.
 We shared a bite– it was delicious. 

And that, boys & girls, is what Valentines ca. 2014 should be about. Serving “Swankie” food with real meringue.