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Informing the People

The American people today have at their disposal more current information– more news– about the world than perhaps any people anywhere at anytime. All the media of mass communications– newspapers, magazines, radio, television, motion pictures– place before them daily huge quantities of easily accessible information. Traditions of freedom, accuracy, and impartiality assure them that they

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That was one of the worst basketball games I’ve ever watched. It didn’t seem like basketball until overtime.I should look on the bright side. Western Civilization is Collapsing. We still have March Madness.


In this week’s paper:  Books bygone: Time for a Game that can be Played Indoors Marica Bernstein “We decided that there should be a game that could be played indoors in the evening and during the winter season. … I tried to modify some of the existing games… but failed.” Since all team sports use

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