I don’t get out much anymore

I’ll get to this guy in a minute

Missy is exhausted. 

Exhausted. That’s a great word, isn’t it? Just to utter it makes you want to find a pillow and lay your little head down.

Miss M and I took Rocky & Missy on a run in the pasture today after Mr. Big Food &  I got back from the Piglet. We cheated b/c we put the dogs in the truck and drove them to the pasture gate. Missy loves the truck.

Rocky loves the truck, too, although in a different way. Stalwart.

To be clear, Rocky does not support the UN.

Anyway– great run!

And then we took Missy out to the Peninsula. And Rocky had some free time.

And we are exhausted.

This guy needs to go for a run. He looks positively snarly, doesn’t he? 

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