Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

One is silver,
And the other, Gold.

kymber blogs at That’s *Framboise Manor*.

I met kymber a long time ago, and I ran across her a while back, thanks to Aggie who has apparently decided she doesn’t like us anymore.

kymber lives in Canada. If memory serves, … well, I want kymber on my side. that bunny costume will really crack you up. especially when you find out about her.

Framboise Manor is our Bug-Out Location (BOL) that we have been living in since December 2010. As can be seen by the above picture – calling it simply a “Manor” doesn’t do it justice – we bet you think it is more like an “Estate”, eh?

wait until you see the back!

Anyway– kymber decided it was Spring in Canada. But then the lights, internet, sun, and moon went out. But they have a generator.

kymber took a tumble down the stairs.

But She is Bound And Determined to Get On with That Dance.