A Little Tune

From Sing, Children, Sing: Songs for Children, Edith Lovell Tomas. Abington-Cokesbury Press, New York. 1939. 

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  1. They are definitely lovely. They don’t look like Margaritas to me though. To me, a Margarita is a perennial (though tender) that gets about 3 ft tall, and is more of a bushy looking mound of flowers than a “carpet” of blossoms. The flower is the same, though.

    We used to have Margaritas, but now I can’t seem to find any. They have all these “improved” versions – and they just aren’t really Margaritas. I’ve tried to plant some year after year, but the ones I get just aren’t quite the same. If I could just find some…a cutting or two would be a start!

  2. Actually…that should be Margarites – not Margaritas…which are more than a little intoxicating! Margarites cause an intoxication of a different sort!

  3. I don’t habla Espanol either.

    Both are intoxicating, though. Although the Margueritas definitely could leave you with a headache. The Marguerites…not so much! Maybe if you have pollen allergies…

    1. Margaret actually does have a little daisy garden. I worked in it today planting some dianthas and ageratum. The daisies did well over winter. The foliage is lust– and covered with pine pollen.

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