Breakfast for Supper, etc.

I vowed I would post more photos of food and thus be compelled to post more recipes.

This is a Big Food Favorite. There’s chicken there on the bottom.

While I was taking that photo, Miss M asked if I’d like to photograph her food, too. 

Of course!

Tonight we had breakfast for supper.

If you’ve never had breakfast for supper, you’ve missed out on one of life’s finer pleasures. 

So Mr. Big Food asked me the other day if we had any ramikens. I showed him what we had. Those will not do. So I went to Walmart this afternoon searching for something that approximated what Mr. Big Food described. And these are what I came up with. I love the handles. Makes you want to get your jammies on and curl up with a cup of soup, doesn’t it? 

I bought six of them because I was thinking they would be perfect for French onion soup. Maybe made with home grown onions? At 4 bucks a piece. At Walmart.

They worked out perfectly!


Come together. Right now. 

That egg dish was amazing. 

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  1. i hate to invoke a copyright infringement to such a dear friend…however, i must. i invented breakfast for supper in 1991 and i do hold a patent. i am sure that we will not have to involve any lawyers…i am sure that a simple acknowledgement of my holding the patent on your blog will suffice – bahahahahahahah!

    that is some awesome looking breakfast for supper! your friend,

    1. “i am sure that a simple acknowledgement of my holding the patent on your blog will suffice”

      It is true that you invented breakfast for supper in 1991. I invented it somewhere in the late ’80s when the Girls were little.

      I’ve seen reference to it in crappy old cookbooks.

      Everyone worth her salt invents breakfast for supper.

      But to the best of my knowledge, no one has claimed a copyright on Breakfast for Supper until now!

      That would be a hoot, wouldn’t it? Every time some bloggers blogs about “breakfast for supper” he/she has to pay you a dime.


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