I Have an Idea!: A. Leland’s Melon Patch

This is one of the things that went on this weekend. 

Earlier, I had said:

Here’s the situation. We have the space. There’s time. What I need is for A. Leland to offer to take over the squash/melon/bean/corn garden that he just tilled up. And I wonder if Miss M would pay special attention to the herb and lettuce gardens? Not asking you to do anything, just let me know.

And then A. Leland found some petrified wood. 

They had to use a vehicle to move it.

And the design of A. Leland’s bean-melon-squahs-corn garden just took off from there. 

I have no idea where two huge pieces of petrified wood come from, but they are cool.

I went down there to look around and do some scrutinizing. It’s right nice. 

He’s got a lot of stuff planted. 

Said he couldn’t have done it without Tuffer.


4 Responses

  1. WOW! Petrified wood!

    There’s probably more down there…hope you don’t run into it while plowing up the area! Not good for tools but very very cool!

    I have a piece – somewhere – that we bought while visiting the Petrified Forest National Park some 50 + years ago. Prettier than yours appears to be, but then it had been cut and one side polished. And no doubt, had been one specially selected for the purpose.

    Pretty or not – absolutely amazing, no??

    1. No idea where it came from– other than where he found it just at the edge of the “yard” in a pile of brush. There are the two big pieces and a few smaller ones. He’s cleaned them up some since I took that photo.

      It’s hard for me to believe that it’s just been there– where he found it– for zillions of years. We do have petrified forest in Mississippi. But not around here.

      Anyway– it is absolutely amazing! And a bit of a mystery.

  2. The petrified wood is so cool (although I don’t think you could retire on it, at least not according to Tuffer’s calculations!) Really cool A. Leland was explaining how it actually works. There’s no wood in there anymore, it makes a mold for the minerals. Neat! Like a million years old!

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