Our Poor Little Mail Box

That’s Bo’s Pole Light, off in the distance.

When we first moved here and got our Electricity hooked up, we were informed that out Pole Light would cost us $7/mo. I objected. Who needs a pole light, for Goodness Sake? We moved here to get away from pole lights. 

Silly me. Everybody’s got a pole light. That’s how when you call 911 the Sheriff knows where you are. [See how backwards that structure is? That’s how we say it.]

So we have a pole light. 

But that poor little mailbox just sits there, unadorned, serving no purpose but to connect us to the outside world which tells us we need to pay for the gas we put in the truck and asks why we haven’t spent more money at the Home Depot.

“You are not getting ready to animate a mailbox, are you?”

“Well. I was thinking about it. What do you think?”


“I see.”

I think the mail box and pole light should be the anchors to a flow… ROSE bed!


“I know, boy. That’s a BIG sacrifice. But really, there are lots of pieces of grass to pee on here at the Farm.”


“Wait! What? I must have dozed off. What’s happening?”

“Oh… . Dear Missy. Go back to sleep.”

“Well, ohhhkaaay. But whaaaa’ts ha.ppp..pp… zzzzzzz… .

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  1. I vote keep the light. You’ll need it in the zombie apacolypse. Don’t believe me? Look out the back door at night and tell me you’d be able to see them coming.

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