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“Marica?“ “Yes, Missy?” “Shhhh. You’ll wake him up.“ “Okay. What is it?“ “Marica. I’ve been doing some olfactory investigations and I fear that funky smell isn’t just the moldy drywall in this room.“ “What do you think it is in addition, Missy?“ “Well… . I hesitate to say but I think it may be… .

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“I don’t like it in here”

“Well. That’s just too bad.” “It smells bad.” “Rrrruuuuufff!“ “Well! I never! I do my best to smell good. What are you saying, my ‘friend’? That I smell as bad as this room?” “ruff.” “Honestly, Marica, it does smell … funky in here, doesn’t it?” “Ruff?” “Where in the world did you hear that word,

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I’m blogging!!

I'm blogging!!

Miss M has discovered that pennies work magic in perking up plants in water. Also, mint deters flies from flying around mint’s microenvironmint.* It’s summer in Mississippi. (I hear tell it’s cool in L.A.) And the best chicken Mr. Big Food has ever made. Little bit of olive oil & some salt and pepper &

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A. Leland’s Chuckwagon

A. Leland's Chuckwagon

Left: Ribeye; Right: T-Bone? Plus grilled squash A. Leland has claimed Wednesday as his night to cook supper. This evening he really out-did himself. Mac & cheese The steak was medium rare throughout. Here’s how he accomplished that.After what was apparently much research, he discovered an alternative to the classic streak-grilling paradigm. Subject to modification, and

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“What in the blue blazes is going on?”

“Ruff!!” “Oh! Very good, Missy. I see you have discovered colorful and polite phrases to use instead of those nasty, ugly cuss words. Good girl!“ “Ruff.” “Dear friend, did you really think I wouldn’t live up to the challenge?” “ruff.” “As I was asking, what in the devil is going on, Marica? I haven’t seen

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Ah, Man… I Almost Cried

Ah, Man... I Almost Cried

From Kat who saw it on Facebook today. She said it was captioned, “Spotted in the Albion Beatnik bookstore in Oxford, UK.”Thanks, Kat!




We are so great! UPDATED

Prosperity tries the fortunate; adversity the great. –Pliny the Younger   It’s raining!! I will resume being light, gay– amusing even– just as soon as I’ve had a bowl of Rice Krispies and fed the cats. Carry on. #firstworldproblems UPDATE: Should have posted much earlier today. I must had hit the wrong button.