If you thought Missy behaved poorly

last evening, you should have heard her this evening.

Even A. Leland commented on the way she was speaking to me talking back to me as we sat down to dinner. 

“I do apologize, Marica. I don’t know what’s gotten into me today.”


“You did get into several spots of trouble today, Missy.”

“I am so sorry. I just couldn’t seem to help myself.”


“All is forgiven.”

“RUFFFFFF! Ruff!!!!!!”

“Oh. Dear Friend. You do make an excellent point. Perhaps that’s my problem.”

“Rocky– you might be on to something.”


“Two days without a run in the pasture is a very long time.”




“Thanks, Dear Friend! I’d rather you watch my mouth than have it washed out with Irish Spring.”

“Really, Missy. I don’t know where you’ve picked up this language but you must stop cussing. It’s unbecoming.”


“Perhaps you should read what John C. Hodges has to say about vocabulary.”


“First edition, Rocky. The 14th is pure unadulterated s&^#.