A. Leland’s Chuckwagon

Left: Ribeye; Right: T-Bone? Plus grilled squash

A. Leland has claimed Wednesday as his night to cook supper. This evening he really out-did himself.

Mac & cheese

The steak was medium rare throughout. Here’s how he accomplished that.

After what was apparently much research, he discovered an alternative to the classic streak-grilling paradigm. 

Subject to modification, and from memory:

  • build a very hot fire on one end of the grill
  • put the steak on the “cold” end of the grill and grill until it comes up to an internal temp of 115 °; might take 30 minutes or more
  • when it reaches that internal temperature, move it to the hot end of the grill to sear– I guess flipping it once or twice
  • grill until the internal temp is medium rare– whatever that temp is
When you think about it, it makes sense. 

It really was nice and pink throughout. And quite delicious.

Plus he made homemade rootbeer ice cream for dessert. Served in little waffle cones. 

Yesterday Mr. Big Food made chicken & pastry. 

“Good week of food,” as Mr. Big Food often says. 

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  1. That is very interesting and totally makes sense. I see them doing it kind of the opposite on Hell’s Kitchen (go ahead and laugh, it’s okay…) where they sear the stuff and then finish it off in the oven but A’s way makes way more sense for the grill.

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