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“I don’t like it in here”

“Well. That’s just too bad.” “It smells bad.” “Rrrruuuuufff!“ “Well! I never! I do my best to smell good. What are you saying, my ‘friend’? That I smell as bad as this room?” “ruff.” “Honestly, Marica, it does smell … funky in here, doesn’t it?” “Ruff?” “Where in the world did you hear that word,

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I’m blogging!!

I'm blogging!!

Miss M has discovered that pennies work magic in perking up plants in water. Also, mint deters flies from flying around mint’s microenvironmint.* It’s summer in Mississippi. (I hear tell it’s cool in L.A.) And the best chicken Mr. Big Food has ever made. Little bit of olive oil & some salt and pepper &

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