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And why you should never abandon a loved one to the professionals.

It is now well established that Miss M is occupying a room on the 9th floor at one of the premier “teaching” hospitals in the South.

It has been quite some time since I’ve been around a hospital, but I’m a quick learner. I’ve learned there are layers and layers of folks who attend to a patient. And except for the Drs. And Nurses, they all have alphabet soup spilt on their scrubs. Who knew what a PCT was?

So Miss M had surgery. And the next day the PCT– That’s patient care technocrat or something —  a very nice caring person, wondered why there was grass on Miss M’s bed sheets.

This confused me. She asked if M had been in an auto accident which presumably would explain the grass because, you know, you just scrape people off the pavement and wheel them into the operating room and then put them on a stretcher and roll them into bed in their 9th floor room so of course grass gets on their sheets. Duh.

A motorcyclist once ran head on into the old truck heading up/down that hilly street in Cindy. Damn. Near ran over him. Good story. BUT. Miss M was not in an accident. Her leg was orange (before we hand bathed it all off) what with the beta dine (sp) and all. How you go through surgery at one of the premier hospitals in the South and manage to have a PCT proclaim you have grass on your sheets is a mystery to me.

Never abandon a loved one to the professionals.

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