I hope this portends well

I suppose it will come as no surprise to long time and faithful readers that I brought a small traveling library with me to the fair city of Birmingham. For observance of Independence Day, I naturally brought A Documentary History of the United States, Seventh Edition, (Richard D. Herrner, Signet, 2002) for reference, and American History Pop Quiz (Solomin M. Skolnick, MJF. Books, New York, 2005) for fun. 

For reading aloud I brought The Egg and I: Life on a Wilderness Chicken Ranch Told with Wit and High Humor (Betty MacDonald, J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, New York,1945), and a delightful little book by Charles Dudley Warner titled simply, Being a Boy (more on this crappy old book some other time).

For sheer volume, quality and diversity of good reading we have As You Were: A Portable Library of American Prose and Poetry Assembled for Members of the Armed Forces and Merchant Marine (Alexander Woollcott, ed. The Viking Press, New York. 1943). [If you are keeping track of such things, my traveling library contained three copies of the Declaration of Independence– four if you count the copy on my iThingy.]

And, for my daily thirty minutes of learned reading, my library– really just an old green cloth sack hat I once mended with blanket stitches– contains a biography of Ludwig Von Mises by Israel M. Kirzner (ISI Books, Wilmington, Delaware) the fact of which brings me very close to the end of this little story.
As I was reading this sentence,

It is noteworthy that, when the century ended more than a quarter century after Mises’ death, the perception in the economic profession concerning his economics had changed to a significant, if modest, degree.

I wondered in what year the book had been written– we can talk about that strange sentence some other time– so I flipped to the front matter and saw on the facing page these words:

 b’ezrat hashem

I learned that this is a Hebrew phrase meaning “with the help of God” and is typically used as a preface before announcing a plan. 

B’EZRAT HASHEM Miss M is going back to the Farm tomorrow. 

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    1. Miss M arrived home this afternoon. Leg will take a while to be mobile, so no driving for a couple months. But over all, she’s light years ahead of where she was this time last Thursday.

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