On being the sisters’ mom…

The subject line is a good start– it’s Bacony– but pretty much all of my books that would inspire further reflection along that line are back in what is now the re-cooper-ation suite (formerly known as the Den where Mr Big Food, the Dogs & I used to reside) where Miss M, Kat, and Daughter C are resting comfortably, Miss M, Kat and I having escaped from the Birmingham hospital to seek refuge at the Farm where Mr. Big Food, A. Leland, and Daughter C awaited Miss M’s return. 

So, like I said, the three of them are resting comfortably on the Farm. As am I. 

I think Rocky & Missy were happy to see us! 

“It’s mutual, I’m sure, Marica!”


“Oh! I am so happy to see you, too! I missed you. That hospital was such a sterile place with nothing but germy humans who smelled like antiseptic covered smoke… “

“MARICA!!” Are you alright?”


“Oh. Sorry. It’s beens a long week.”


“Oh. Oh! I’m so sorry. Thank you my friend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so tired. Oh right. whisper… .


No. I haven’t seen her. Have you?


Let’s make a point of doing that tomorrow. I wonder if that  disagreeable feline of hers could give us any information?


I know. But she does love Miss M. And she seems to get along well with Marica.

ruff. RUFF!?

Of Course! Brilliant, My Good Friend. Just Brilliant!


Of course! Tomorrow we’ll just ask how Miss M is doing. To coin a phrase, ‘Duh’. Why didn’t I think of that?