A Cyborg?? What’s a Cyborg?



“I say again, My Good Man! PSSSST.”


Is she asleep?




“oh. right. i should be quiet.”




“You saw Miss M! You interacted with her. (I, myself, was caged in my box at the time.) But you saw her! You rubbed noses with her! How is she?”


“Oh, wonderful! But what is that contraption she’s in? I saw you investigating it. What ever in the world is it?”


“Oh, my! You don’t say. Well, I hope it’s not permanent. Jean Luc escaped. I’m sure Miss M can, too!”


“What? What in the world are you two talking about? Miss M is not a cyborg. That’s a wheel chair. She uses it to get around. It’s a piece of rental equipment, nothing more. You watch too much t.v.”

“Oh! Marica! You’re awake.”


“We are ever so sorry for having awakened you… .”


“Oh, alright. I am ever so sorry for having awakened you. My dear friend had no part in this dastardly deed. But getting back to the thrust of out conversation… . So you say Miss M has not merged with the chair? What good news!”

“No. She has not merged with the chair. Soon the chair will be old news and she’ll be using a walker. And then crutches. Again. You watch too much tv. No more Star Trek for you!”


“Just sayin’, Rocky. Just sayin’.”

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