I am exhausted

I’m not kidding.

I am plumb worn out.

The news today that the State of Mississippi had a lien on our Farm threw me into a tizzy. I yelled at Mr. Big Food!! I had to put long pants on and find my steal-toed boots and go to town and be firm with accountants and lawyers and such. 

It all worked out in the end but…


“Oh! For goodness sake. Yes, Missy?”

“Are you okay?

“Frankly, no, Missy. I am not.”

“Whatever is the matter?”

“Seriously? Missy? Have you had your head in the sand. You don’t know what the matter is? Really?”


“Good Grief.”


“I give up.”


“SERIOUSLY? You’re taking her side? She doesn’t know what the matter is?” 


“Okay. Okay. She’s a dog. How the hell could she know what the matter is. Point taken.”


“ruff to you too, boy,”


“Good night, Missy. Good night, Rocky.”

“You know, Marica, it’s not easy being a dog around here these days.”


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  1. I am _certainly_ going to be waiting for “the _REST_ of the story”!!!

    My mother used to say that bad things came in threes – by my count, this should be number three…!

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