What do you suggest?




“Oh! Yes, Missy. What can I do for you this evening?”

“Well, Marica, as I understand it… “

“Missy? Can you hang on just a minute or three? I have to go flush the Drain-o down the kitchen sink. I thought having the septic tank cleaned would fix… .”



“I know. Give me just a sec.”

“Okay. Things are looking good. Now. What can I help you with this lovely evening?”


“Well. Though you have not told us lowly dogs, I am given to understand you and Miss M and Daughter C will not be here for the better part of the day– not that you pay all that much attention to us when you’re here— but we were wondering if you would recommend something for my dear Old Friend and I to read in your absence?”


“Oh! My! Well My Goodness. … What are you in the mood for? Fiction? Trivia? History? I saw a wonderful book of Star Trek episodes laying around. French Literature? Greek Mythology? ECONOMICS??”


“No. No. No, Marica. We want something relevant.”

“I’m not sure what you mean by that, Missy.”


“Everything is relevant in its own way.”


“LOL, Boy!”

“Marica! Be SERIOUS.”

“I’m sorry, Missy. What do you mean by ‘relevant’?”

“Well, you know, Marica, we are not stupid. We know there’s a world out there beyond the Farm– I mean for goodness sake– you take us in the truck and we see it! We just want to learn a little more about it.”


“There is a world out there beyond the Farm. And if you want to learn more about it, I’d suggest you go look at the books in the bookshelf in the former Den. That’s where I keep the books that are exclusively about Judaism and Christianity. There are a bunch of them.”



“Yep. Judaism and Christianity are the basis of Western Culture. Oh! There’s a wonderful Art book. And a book about the Women of Israel.”

“Those would be relevant.”


“Yes. They are beyond the gate. But I wonder if my Good Friend and I could find a way to steal back beyond the gate… .”


“Oh! Wonderful! I knew I could count on you My Good Friend. Oh! We should film this. It will be like an old fashioned who-done-it.”

“Ruff. RRuuffff

“OH! MARICA! One more thing!!”



“Ahem. Yes, Missy?”

“She’s doing well, isn’t she? We saw her today! She’s almost her old self, isn’t she?”

“Well. Not quite. But we do thank you for being so gentle.”


“You’re going to have to be really really careful when she starts walking with crutches.”


“Fake legs.”

“OH MY GOD! More cybor??? Marica. You really should tell us this stuff in advance.”


” I have to get up really early…. .”


“I guess I’ll guard the joint tonight. It’s not my job, but I guess I’ll just do it. Good night, y’all.”