Mac & Cheese: This is Serious


Everyone– which is to say each and every solitary individual who has ever lived and is worth his/her salt– wants to to consider him/her/itself special. And so it should come as no surprise that Mr. Big Food & I thought ourselves quite special this evening. Really? How many other folks in our little county were doing statistics on macaroni & cheese recipes? In the state, even?

Let that sink in. How many other people in the Sovereign State of Mississippi– besides us here at the Farm– are engaged in a Macaroni & Cheese Contest? This Year.

One of the first challenges we had was converting the ordinal good-better-best scale into something more orderly. You may recall that here on the Farm we like numbers… but we do NOT like people who try to make numbers out of things that are not numbers.

Anyhoo…. After we’d settled on the scoring scheme– W-L-T– we tabulated the wins, losses, and ties. Diner Mac is the clear winner, thus far, with a record of 13-1-1. I do feel a little bit sorry for custard mac (1-14). It wasn’t that bad. 

Meanwhile, I see that I took some photos from earlier in the day– when I thought Daughter C was never coming home with store-bought bagels.