The Best of Intentions

On the evening of December 1, 2014, it was my intention to post every subsequent evening about a Christmas story. I had my crappy old books about me– well, except for the two I cannot find. And I got off to a good start. The Fir Tree. Charlie Brown. Dadadadadadada da. da da da. 

But alas. I got again stuck on the tracks a few feet from the station.


We had a potential blog-block breakthrough! 

We can read. Caroline Daughter C read aloud last evening from 

Babika Kopesky Fairy Tales by Anne Staglik (1990) 

And a right nice reading it was.  

Maybe we can keep this up! 

We can read!

(Although I think we will steer clear of those Czech stories from now on. They are too violent for my sensibilities. Just kidding. They are great! Thanks, Gran.)

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  1. Intentions….spelling spelling spelling…!!

    (which means I shall make some obvious and very public spelling error within the next 24 hours or so!

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