Who needs lights & displays?

Photographs courtesy of Daughter C*

We went to Woodland the other evening. You may– if you’re still following along– recall Woodland from Christmases past. 

No photographs were modified

To say that this year’s Woodland Christmas display was disappointing is probably unfair to the display, such as it was. We discussed this on the way back to the Farm.


The complainers among us The observant among us– which would be all of us– noted that neither the colorful Noah’s Arc, nor the enormous sparkling American flag, were anywhere to be seen. (Those were two of my favorites. I missed them.) And what about Lady Liberty? Where was that display??


On the other hand, 

A forest of trees

If you’d never see Noah’s Arc or the American flag or The Little Lady with the Light , how could you miss them?


The best part of the worst Woodland Light & Display display we’ve ever seen was the hot cocoa Daughter C made with real milk and real cocoa, and put in a real Thermos™. Mr. Big Food poured a styrofoam cup of it for me as we were getting ready to enjoy the lights and displays. It burnt my lip when I took a sip. The cocoa was very chocolatey.

The second best part was the spritz cookies, though I understand that others think the popcorn (Daughter C’s specialty, made in a crappy old popcorn maker) was just as good. 

Who needs lights and displays when you have cocoa and cookies and popcorn? 


*From where did the blue in the photo come?