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“Ohhh.” “Ruff” “What’s up, Missy?” “I am just stretching.” “ruff.” “Once again, I commend you. You both behaved wonderfully.” “Yeah. Thanks, Marica.” “Ruff.” “Oh, C’mon. It wasn’t’ that bad.” “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I don’t know what your accommodations were like but my Dear Friend and I spent multiple nights on the floor in a garage.

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“Yes, Missy.” “We are back on the Farm, aren’t we?” “Ruff?” “We are.” “Oh! I am so glad.” “You were a good girl, Missy. And you, Boy! You were such a good boy! A stoic!!” “Ruff.” “Marica?” “Yes, Missy.” “I hate to ask, but could you, would you, mind… ….” “Want to go to the

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Read this Read that. I command you to read that. Please.

I hear tell

our lives are soon to be graced with a new puppy. 🙂 Who doesn’t like a new puppy?


You’ve got to admit, that’s funny. from The Week in Pictures at Powerline