Why Crockett’s Victory Garden?

DSCN1377Kale: In its planting, care, and rich nutritional value, kale is quite a bit like collards.”

I don’t mean to brag– or to encourage you to think I’m a special sort of lunatic– but I have over 1400 crappy old books in my library. For the inaugural Crappy Old Book of the Month series, I had a number of books from which to choose. I entertained several possibilities.

I chose Crockett’s Victory Garden because it’s January. It’s time to find your sketch pad, put the tea kettle on, get cozy and start planning this year’s vegetable garden; to take stock of your leftover and saved seeds and place your orders; to stop complaining about winter, adopt a Southern attitude, and remind yourselves that the season is upon us… it’s Almost Summer!  What better book to talk about in January?

I chose Crocket’s Victory Garden because it’s “the only gardening book you’ll ever need.”

If you are a gardener, you know this is a lie. You need all of the gardening books you can put your dirty little green thumbs on. (If you have brown thumbs, you probably don’t believe this even if it is true.) I have only 38 gardening books. If I had to have just one, Crockett’s Victory Garden might be the one. What better one with which to start than the only one?

I chose Crockett’s Victory Garden because it’s a pleasant, well organized, read. It is not a “coffee table book” (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but it is a book that could be on your coffee table. If you’ve resolved to have your first, or your first really productive, vegetable garden this year– or just a beautiful little herb garden– you’ll want to pick it up and skim through it from beginning to end, pausing today and restarting over tomorrow’s morning joe. If you’ve resolved this is the year you are going to grow celery, you’ll search the index, read what you need, and then be inspired to separate your day lilies (pp.188-89). What better book to pick up from the coffee table?

I chose Crockett’s Victory Garden because I am an experienced gardener– a Master Gardener!– whose garden is in an absolute mess. I need a Victory Garden in ’15. And what better… .