imageAn incandescent light bulb! In California! In the Silicon Valley!

The photo does not do the joint justice. It’s an airport hotel, on the main road, therefore it ain’t cheap. And yet… There is a cheap incandescent light bulb, of the outlawed variety, right there in plain sight.

What will these Californians think of next?

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  1. This one was right – right from the start. It’s just the “lone cypress” one that was disoriented! Why??? who knows!

    Computers – love ’em, hate ’em!!

    And the reason the incandescent lightbulb is still there is probably simply because of one of two reasons: a) they stocked up on them while they could b) that particular bulb hasn’t burned out yet so they haven’t needed to replace it. When they do replace it, they’ll probably use a compact fluorescent, though some of them are going to LEDs. Personally, I’d advise against it, if I were advising a hotel manager. I’d have three reasons: a) LEDs are still _very_ expensive, b)they don’t save a lot of energy when compared to compact fluorescents, and lastly,c) they would be very theftable (see a)!)

    We have been able to get 130 volt bulbs longer than 120 volt bulbs (incandescent only). We’ve carried one particular brand of bulb that has a normal working life of 5000 hours – that’s a _long_ time! But…if you have the same bulb (which is a 130 volt capable bulb), and burn it in a 120 volt system, it has an expected life of 15000 hours! That’s nearly as long as some of the LEDs. You get somewhat less light from them – effectively, a 60 watt, 130 volt bulb burned at 120 volts (which most of the US uses) will put out only 52 watts (as measured by lumen output), but a much longer life.

    1. Wow. Sorry for the delay in replying. Combination of not paying attention and not checking spam folder. Weird. On WP you can post without approval (unlike it was before) but the notification email stills goes to my spam folder.

      Anyway…People steal light bulbs out of hotel rooms? That’s just sad.

      So what’s the difference is what I see between 60 and 52 watts? Is the quality the same just a smidge dimmer? I don’t know lighting terminology. But is it similar to the difference between a regular old fashioned 60 & 75 watt? Or is the light different?

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