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I am pleased to announce

that in so far as this statement is intelligible, we are back to “normal.” But it weren’t easy. Early this morning– after we’d risen before the sun, cranked up the generator, and plugged in the drip coffee maker and the toaster — as we were moving the generator from the back to the front (a

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Here’s what’s happening

There isn’t going to be any Bacon today. We had a delightful dinner of stuffed peppers cooked in a skillet powered by LP gas & a match, and leftover bean salad from yesterday from a refrigerator cooled down today by a generator. We enjoyed our meal not in the Big house but in a small

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Oh My Good Lord. It is NOT snowing. I can look out there and see that it’s not snowing. If it were snowing don’t you think I’d know it? That’s Accuweather, by the way. Might as well be the US Government. The depth of my disappointment knows no bounds. I had so hoped to take

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“Of Discourse”

He that questioneth much shall learn much, and content much; but especially if he apply his questions to the skill of the persons whom he asketh; for he shall give them occasion to please themselves in speaking, and himself shall continually gather knowledge. But let his questions not be troublesome, for that is fit for

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10:00am update

It has been four hours since it hasn’t started snowing. Missy & I are disappointed and I’ll bet we are not the only ones. On the way home last evening at about 8pm we passed the village volunteer fire department building. It’s across the street from the burnt out courthouse. The parking lot was crammed

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I’ve been cheated.

They said it was going to start snowing at 6am this morning. They cancelled classes and EVERYTHING because they said it was going to start snowing at 6am. I even made coffee at 4:45am this morning so I could have coffee at 6am when the snow started to fall.

And here it is 7:39am and there is no snow and there is no snow falling.

And if you think I sound upset you should hear Missy.