Aesop & Nissan

By the way– The Tortoise and The Hare is a fable not a fairy tale.

That, for me, was the damning moment for civiliZation as I know it. This was a Super Bowl ad. Nissan paid a lot of money for this ad and no one– NO ONE– thought to question whether “fairy tale” is the right term? You don’t need to read or to have taken a 101 literature course. You don’t freaking need anything but high school English which everybody has to “pass” to know that fables and fairy tales are not the same. RIght?

The Tortoise and The Hare is Aesop. It’s a fable. I mean even if you were’t sure what the difference was between fable and fairly tale, that you recognize it as Aesop should be a fuckin’ clue.

It was a Super Bowl ad. They use Roman Numerals. Do they even know what that means?

Panem et circensus my friends. Bread and circuses.