They grow up so fast.

[A post for my friends Becca & Marly, both of whom are with child.]

DSCN2075As you may have gathered from my little chat with Missy the other evening, Daughter C has flown the coop. Fledged right on outta here. Left the Farm. Moved to the Big City taking with her I think– and I’m not accusing, I’m just asking– my favorite book of quotations, and leaving Snaps the 27 year old cat everyone still calls “Kitten.”

We miss her. We had apps for supper tonight and we thought of her. Daughter C loves apps for supper and we’re sure she would have loved those little sausage cheese balls.

Miss M has asked me more than once in the last day or two, “What’s wrong? You miss her, don’t you?”

Miss M is projecting, and yes, I do.

Meanwhile, Miss M has flown the coop, too!

That’s a photograph (above) of her apartment– The Greenhouse Apartment at High Water Hill. If you look carefully, you can see the roofline

DSCN2077and the wreath.