We are all busy reading.

“Excuse me. Pardon me. I don’t mean to interrupt. But Marica?”

“Yes, Missy. What can I do for you this frigid evening?”


“What does the word, ‘Homburg’ mean?”


“Huh? Hamburg?”

“No, no. ‘H-o-m-b-urg'”

“I have no idea. Why don’t you look it up in that crappy old dictionary I gave you?”

“Oh, Marica! I am all settled in… . And my dictionary is wayyy over there… .”

“Okay. Can you give me some context.”

“But of course. And thank you. Here it is. ‘Right ho! then bring me … ‘ here we go… ‘and the old green Homburg.'”


“Agreed. Hat. It’s a sort of hat, Missy. For a gentleman.”

“Of course. That makes sense. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.”


“Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt again but what does ‘mazzard’ mean?”



“I think I am pronunciationing that correctly. M-a-zz-a-ard. Mazzard. I’ve never come across that word before.”

“I haven’t a clue, Missy. You’re going to have to look that one up.”


“Good question, Rock. What are you reading, Missy?”

“Wodehouse. Sister C thought I might enjoy him and indeed I think I would if I just knew what the words meant.”


“I’m with ya, girl. Why just today I was reading some crappy old book about religion in Soviet Ru… .”

“I am so sorry. I don’t mean to interrupt your train of, errr, thought, Marica. But I am reading.”