Here’s what’s happening

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There isn’t going to be any Bacon today.

We had a delightful dinner of stuffed peppers cooked in a skillet powered by LP gas & a match, and leftover bean salad from yesterday from a refrigerator cooled down today by a generator.

We enjoyed our meal not in the Big house but in a small space heated by an LP gas wall thingy.


Before dinner we got out knickers in a SERIOUS knot. It used to be, back in the crappy olden days, that you could look forward to suffering through a power outage, after you’d cranked up the generator to keep the deep freeze frozen, by indulging yourself in an evening of television. So, like, you do all of the things you need to do and then at the end of the day, you plug the TV into the generator. Good times.

Not so anymore.

Turns out, and no one told me this when we “upgraded,” if you don’t have power to everything, you have power to nothing.

So we got pissed off at Direct TV.

And so I plugged in my computer and logged on to AMAZON PRIME and we ate our stuffed peppers and watched the pilot episode of Arrested Development.

I told the nice lady at Direct TV that I wasn’t going to call back tomorrow. If they are interested in keeping my business, they can call me.

And now, here I am at the end of my day. All of the spigots are dripping because “they” are forecasting 17° overnight.

I’m fed. I’m warm. I’ve discovered I really don’t need to spend $1500 per year on Direct tV.