I am pleased to announce


that in so far as this statement is intelligible, we are back to “normal.”


But it weren’t easy.

Early this morning– after we’d risen before the sun, cranked up the generator, and plugged in the drip coffee maker and the toaster


— as we were moving the generator from the back to the front (a problem with too few extension cords which will be corrected shortly), I noticed a stranger in the front pasture.

There was some little talk of shot guns, but Mr. Big Food and I rested on the assumption that the intruder was a welcome friend– a LINEMAN with the COUNTY! And indeed we assumed correctly. He drove up into the driveway, apologized, and assured us that they were working hard. We’d have power by lunch time.



Photo taken after lunch time while we were driving around trying to figure out why it was after lunch time and we still didn’t have power.

Down the road we met up with the guy who’d come down the drive earlier– turns out the son-in-law of our neighbor. We asked how things were going and he said, (please note that I am careful about quotes) “Them union guys just don’t work very fast.”

Indeed. We knew– because we had talked to our supervisor and folks– that “they” had brought in outside help. We had no idea they were union guys.

Eventually, the power came back on.


Seventy-two hours without power, without satellite television but with a generator and Amazon Prime. We did okay. As we were getting back to normal late this afternoon, Mr. Big Food and I recapped the last few days and identified areas of strengths and weaknesses: we need more long extension cords.

It is getting to be tornado season. Live & Learn & Prosper.