3:57pm: I am not kidding. It is 83°. And yet. “They” keep saying the temperature is going to drop throughout the day.

9:49pm: The Mind Reels.

Let’s back up. The temperature has dropped “considerable.” By 5:40pm it had dropped 30 degrees. It’s stabilized now– probably on account of the humidity.

But look at what I was looking at earlier.

I know you may be tiring of these photos of how the weather services are getting it so wrong but I have a point. You just cannot trust anyone +/-30.




photo taken at 4:07


LOOK AT THIS. This says it is both 81 AND 66 at 4pm AND ice pellets are falling. There were no ice pellets. There was rain and a rainbow.


I don’t know what’s really going on with negotiations about nuclear arms and Iran & all but it cannot be any crazier than this.

Good night.

Poor peepers.