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I do not have, nor have I ever seen, the book, The Romance of the Calendar (1938)I referenced in the last post. It certainly seems I ought to have this crappy old book.

As I began to make my purchase, Amazon asked me if I wanted to donate to a charity at no additional cost to me. Sure. Why not? But which one? How about one to whom Amazon’s small donation would actually matter?

Palmer Home for Children in Columbus, Mississippi. I’ve talked about Palmer Home a lot here. So when you click through Big Food, Big Garden, Big Life to get to Amazon, please consider designating Palmer Home for Children as your charity. Thanks!

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  1. Hi Marica,

    Thank you for posting about Palmer Home and sharing our Amazon Smile information! We greatly appreciate it. This ministry wouldn’t be able to exist without community support, so this means a great deal to us.

    Happy Wednesday!

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