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What does this mean?

What I just saw at “Sorry, this content cannot be displayed in your region.” Which is really funny because it displays just fine in the regions of Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Just not in the Safari region. Once again, good ol’ redundancy comes through again.


All of the tomatoes are in the ground except for the pear and cherry tomatoes.

Wish me luck. I need a good haul this year.

We are all just trying to get to The Baby Shower!

An email to Daughter C & Kat: Dear Caroline & Katherine– I looked into flying several weeks ago. It was a colossal waste of time and it weren’t cheap especially when you threw in trying to get to G’boro to borrow a car or rent a car at RDU… . Here are my factors. I

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About Friday Night

Continuing the mini-series “What I didn’t blog about but considered blogging about.” There were storms blowing through Friday night. We had a guest staying in the Jager Haus (formerly known as the Bunkhouse). Mike was here, staying in the back bedroom. I was tracking radar on multiple sites and… wait for it… paying attention to

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Photos for The Crappy Old Book of the Month

The Crappy Old Book of the Month is Instant Weather Forecasting. (Look to your right for more information on the book.) It turned out to be a rather interesting April and so I took photos of skies as I could though I wish I’d taken more. Here on some I took on April 16th as I

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Who saw that coming?

To be fair, this is what I’d heard. But I hadn’t until now seen the picture from above, only from below. A picture’s worth a thousand words, don’t you know. It sure is raining out there.


The good news is all the mammals just happen to be in the Big House. Fortune. 🙂


It’s getting ready to storm. There are a lot of people here.