Well, Here We Are!


Back on The Farm, where we belong.

Mr. Big Food’s culinary creativity never ceases to amaze.

It is Easter. Our Traditional Easter Dinner is ham & fixin’s. The Mississippi State Van deposited us on our Country Doorstep and not thirty minutes later, Mr. Big Food had retrieved from the Deep Freeze some lovely ham steaks that he later paired with mashed potatoes, green beans and a cherry glaze.

I pity the folk who have never eaten Mr. Big Food’s food. That’s no way to go through life.

Meanwhile… .

O.M.G. You should have seen the Dogs when we got home.

Meanwhile… .

Tomorrow is First Monday. It’s a Religious Thing. It’s the Friends of the Library Book Sale. Testify.


Meanwhile… .

It’s April. There are seeds to sow and plants to plant.

Meanwhile… .

I still gotta get that bedroom painted and tomorrow they are supposed to be delivering the remnants of the HomeDepot order (the range and all major appliances) for the Kitchen at HighWaterHill).

You’re getting this, right? Maybe not yet. I forgot a crucial part. Story Tellin’ ain’t as easy as it sounds.

Meanwhile… .

Miss M’s birthday is Tuesday and so I was going to treat her at the Friends of the Library Sale.

Meanwhile… .

and not like this matters…



Who by the way is staying at the Farm.

Here’s a news flash…. .

“Hey, Marica!”

“Yes, Missy?”



“Good Idea. Thanks.”

“Oh! And I have to translate my notes on Instant Weather Forecasting into….”


It is nice to be back home on the Farm, where we belong.