April 7th Birds

“Marica? I hesitate to interrupt while you are working… .”

“That’s okay, Missy? What’s on your mind?”


“Are we getting a bird?”


“What? A bird? No! We are not getting a bird. Good Lord! I have enough to do… ”

“Pardon me.”

“Sorry. Yes?”


“If we are not getting a bird, what is the purpose of these short bird picture posts? I had thought they were intended as a tease, but apparently I guessed wrongly.”


“Oh! Hahah!! They are for Miss M! Today is Miss M’s birthday so I gave her some bird picture posts!”

“Oh my! Miss M’s Birthday!!!!”


“My! I wish you had mentioned this earlier, Marica. Oh my. And My Dear Friend and I have not gotten her a thing. Oh my heavens, what’s to be done at this late hour… .”


“I have an idea!”

“Oh yes! Yes! What is it??”


“How about being on your best behavior this evening with Miss M to show her how much you love her?”

“What a lovely idea! Oh we will. We will be so well behaved you won’t even know us!”


“I wonder, though, Marica. Would you mind taking us to the pond again so we can freshen up?”


“Yes I would mind. You’re fine just the way you are.”

“Are you sure? Because I don’t want to offend my Sister on her Special Day.”

“Quite sure, Missy. quite.”

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