Quiet Evening

It’s been an interesting day. So much stuff got done! And yet there are still no countertops, no sink, no running water, no range in the kitchen in the Greenhouse Apartment at High Water Hill.

I’m still betting on Tuesday.

Here’s what Instant Weather Forecasting

had to say about the sky I glimpsed this evening:

The upper cloud is largely spread out vapor trails, but they are dense and persistent. There seems, however, to be no organized wind direction at their level and this points to a continuation of the present quiet weather.

It’s like poetry, isn’t it?

And after looking at enough pictures and reading enough of this stuff, it all begins to make sense– like Bacon did.

So I thought that rather than go through the book in a structured way, I’d just pick out one sky and see where it leads.

So we are going to look at Photograph 14, “Quiet Evening,” page 42.

By the way, you’ll never guess who surprised Miss M today!

THAT’S RIGHT!!! Daughter C couldn’t find her key and was making a racket. Miss M was washing dishes. The dogs started to bark at the door. Of course I knew what was happening. I was in on it. But Miss M did not know what was happening.

Miss M was so surprised to see Daughter C! You should have seen them! (If you are on fb I’m sure you already have.) Kat was there in spirit and text and fb. I imagine they’ll Skype beginning tomorrow.

By the way, Rocky is an excellent secret-keeper. I told him Daughter C was coming and he said only this, “RRRUUUUFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!” But he said it to himself so no one else could hear. He didn’t want to spoil Daughter C’s surprise. (He aims to please. He’s a vicious pit bull, after all.)

And now… for a Quiet Evening.