Just Another Day in April

Today was the Anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto.

I got a lot of blog mileage out of Anniversaries and Holiday: A Calendar of Events and How to … . How’d that go, again? How to Observe Them. Right.

In looking that up, I realized I haven’t even begun the list of this month’s Crappy Old Book of the Month posts. Dang.

All in due time.

We began tilling the gardens today. Waaaayyyy behind on this but it is– and has been– so wet. I’m all for maintaining the colloidal structure of the soil and all that but dude, it’s time! Mr. Big Food reports that soft earth is easy to till so long as you stop every now and again and kick the mud off the tiller tines.

There’s still no hot water up in the Greenhouse Apartment at High Water Hill. But I’ve learned a lot about the new-fangled EPA-sanctioned gas hot water heaters. They don’t work. And the EPA should be abolished. Hear that, Mr. Low-Man?


Mr. Big Food and I have been talking about the history of science within the context of history. If you are interested in a sort of ‘great books’ understanding of history, will you come away knowing who Harvey was?

And here is where it gets really funny because Harvey was F. Bacon’s personal physician and even Bacon didn’t know what Harvey was up to. (Bacon. Though I have a soft spot for Bacon, he was the first of the classic know-no-science philosophers of science. Don’t even get me started on the “historians” of science.)

Let’s see… what else. Oh! Both Rocky & Missy took themselves on a walk-a-bout. Missy’s like, yeah, I hear you calling and I’ll be there in just a minute… where’d you go? And Rocky is like OH. MAN. ZOOOOM. zoom. zoom. Are you calling? Here. I. Come. Zoom!

Irises are blooming.

Miss M planted carrots and sweet potatoes this af∙ter∙noon.


That was the best I could do this evening. I’m whooped.

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