We are all just trying to get to The Baby Shower!

An email to Daughter C & Kat:

Dear Caroline & Katherine–

I looked into flying several weeks ago. It was a colossal waste of time and it weren’t cheap especially when you threw in trying to get to G’boro to borrow a car or rent a car at RDU… .

Here are my factors. I cannot leave until early Friday morning. I really should be back on Monday evening, spending Mother’s Day with Mama. 

… .

How does this sound?



P.S. You will note that Margaret is not part of this conversation on account of the fact that she said to me today we were all adults and she thought we could handle it and she didn’t need to micro-manage. I think that’s right. 

Now. You know we will all be at The Baby Shower. We’re already talking about hotel rooms. And timetables. I think we can handle it.

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