What does this mean?

What I just saw at hotair.com:


Sorry, this content cannot be displayed in your region.

Which is really funny because it displays just fine in the regions of Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Just not in the Safari region.

Once again, good ol’ redundancy comes through again.

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  1. So…why 38 tomatoes? why not 40?

    Why do you need a really good crop this year? Last year’s not so good? higher demand for canned tomatoes? (I’m assuming you can them.) Do you can as whole tomatoes or tomato sauce? I have a deally bobber that grinds/strains tomatoes without peeling them plus spits out the seeds* with the skin – and makes it so much easier than doing the whole tomatoes…but then, I use a lot of diced tomatoes too, and there’s no way to get them diced other than to peel them and dice them. I’ve never done that myself – just buy the cans.

    * Is there any reason why the seeds that go though the grinder couldn’t be used to grow the next year? They’re uncooked when they go through the screw part. Of course, my seed starting skills are pretty poor – but I keep working on it.

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