Yards Sales

Miss M and I have been hitting the yard/garage/moving sales pretty hard. We went to two moving sales today. It’s not like we don’t have other things to do but there are a few things we need desperately– bookshelves– and if you don’t get out there and look… . Well.

The problem, of course, is that we find all sorts of interesting things we need and none of them are bookshelves.


[The whole entire owners manual is four pages. Two sheets of paper.]

We found two of these today. This little old lady who was moving from her home on a few acres out in the middle of nowhere– we live in the ‘burbs by comparison– to another little town (where one of her kids lives?) was sharp. She wrote it all down on a ticket and she added it up in her head. And then she invited us to check her. Nobody is getting anything over on this little old lady.

We probably could have gotten all that we got– which included a handmade boot puller and some canvases and a lovely Pyrex glass percolator and an oven and toaster accessory for the Coleman stove for a few dollars less than 18 but I don’t feel too badly.

She was on her way to get a sausage biscuit and she drove back up her drive because she saw us coming. Haha.

We did score a GIANT box of clear mini-Christmas lights.


I’d say we have at least two years’ worth if we use them sparingly.