Crappy Old Book of the Month: (late) May Edition

Please forgive me for being delinquent. My excuse? I’ve been playing in the yard!

May’s Crappy of Book of the Month is the Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club Edition of Science in Your Own Back Yard by Elizabeth K. Cooper (1960).

From one of the reviews at Amazon:

My early fascination with the book involved its numerous suggestions for animal and plant studies conducted in large glass jars, old aquariums, boxes and other things around the house. Well-drawn line sketches enthuse the reader of limited ability. At one time my “lab” had a wormery, an ant farm, a snail jar, a fish jar, numerous growing plants and seed and insect colections. It brought about a love for nature, the outdoors and the environment that I still espouse today. My own son is 6 and he too loves for me to read him a chapter or two from the book and look at the drawings. Today I am a science teacher and I believe this is one of the books I have to thank for that!

And now… back to the back yard!