Remembrance Day Reflections

As the secular Memorial Day weekend draws to a close, I’d say it was a productive start to summer and a relaxing– in a bone tired sort of way– long weekend.

Last afternoon’s storms continued into morning.


No farm work in the rain so no reason to wake with the chickens. We enjoyed morning coffee talking about Nash and von Neumann. I’d read an interesting article about Nash— that’s John Nash of A Beautiful Mind who was killed, along with his wife, in a car accident over the weekend (if you saw the movie, read this)– and Mr. Big Food explained some of the finer points of the Nash Equilibrium to me. (Yes. We are geeks. And you?) I recalled that Tony had invited von Neumann to the imaginary dinner party we had some years ago.

Though the rain stopped early morning, it was still too wet to do anything outside so we all– that would be Miss M, Mr. Big Food, Rocky, Missy, Snaps, Sadie, Tiger and I– passed the day in our own ways–  each of us spending time doing things that interested each of us (plus the dishes and vacuuming and laundry & such).



As the other Memorial Day weekend draws to a close, look what I figured out how to do!

The day is supposed to be about the fallen. About the boys and young men who died.

And so I figured out how to make a table with minimal cell “padding” in wordpress. Aren’t I special?

“Conflict”Year(s) U.S. Military Deaths

Civil War






Viet Nam




Revolutionary War


War of 1812


Mexican War


Iraq War


Spanish-American War



Persian Gulf War1990-1991380

*All of these numbers come from Bennett’s American Patriot’s Almanac (2008) and thus some are out of date.

One million, three-hundred and twelve thousand, four-hundred and thirty men and women died. The vast majority of them volunteered. To fight and die for something they thought was worth dying for.


So that I could add those numbers up when I wasn’t vacuuming on May 25, 2015.