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Children are cool!

(For Marlena Rose) Late yesterday evening Daughter C and I were sitting out on the patio and we noticed the sun. It was blood orange to our eyes. Beautiful. Yes. There are lots of beautiful sunsets here at the Farm. This was one was different and if I were to put my weather-forecasting– or even

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Welcome to the outside world, McKenna!

Call me if you need me.

“… still fond of your dad.”

What I Want I don’t want a pipe and I don’t want a watch, I don’t want cigars or a bottle of Scotch. I don’t want a thing your money can buy. I don’t want a shirt of a four-in-hand tie. If you really would like this old heart of mine to be glad, I

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The Crappy Old Book I was Reading

I’ve been in a funk and it didn’t help that Mr. Big Food put some disgusting YoKoOno on the Redneck Collection. That’s a rant I spared you last evening. The book I just finished reading– yes, I know, I promised to read the Constitution– was Since Yesterday by Frederick Lewis Allen. As I understand it,

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This evening was Guy Food Supper night. We had Baked Beans II and Festus’s Spoon Bread. I made the baked beans this afternoon and we just popped them back into the hot oven as the spoon bread was finishing. The baked beans recipe called for a pound of ground beef so naturally we substituted a

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