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“… still fond of your dad.”

What I Want I don’t want a pipe and I don’t want a watch, I don’t want cigars or a bottle of Scotch. I don’t want a thing your money can buy. I don’t want a shirt of a four-in-hand tie. If you really would like this old heart of mine to be glad, I

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The Crappy Old Book I was Reading

I’ve been in a funk and it didn’t help that Mr. Big Food put some disgusting YoKoOno on the Redneck Collection. That’s a rant I spared you last evening. The book I just finished reading– yes, I know, I promised to read the Constitution– was Since Yesterday by Frederick Lewis Allen. As I understand it,

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This evening was Guy Food Supper night. We had Baked Beans II and Festus’s Spoon Bread. I made the baked beans this afternoon and we just popped them back into the hot oven as the spoon bread was finishing. The baked beans recipe called for a pound of ground beef so naturally we substituted a

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