Big Dawgs Jawin’ Cheat Sheet

[For SueK & Mr. Big Food’s Dad]

If you’re just joining us here at the Farm– or if you’ve lost track of all of the Farm’s characters– this should catch you up.

Gil is Gilbert, Jordan’s boarder/ruff, I mean, rough collie mix. MALE DOG.

Jordan is a human of– I’m assuming– some sort of European decent who joins us by way of Daughter C. MALE HUMAN.

Rocky is Daughter C’s our male pit bull. MALE VICIOUS DOG.

Missy is a happy-go-luck female black lab mutt who loves to read. FEMALE DOG.

Snaps is Daughter C’s 147 year old spry as ever cat which we humans affectionately call, “Kitten.” FEMALE CAT.

Sadie is Miss M’s beautiful well mannered feline who has the run of Miss M’s spacious Greenhouse Apartment at High Water Hill. FEMALE CAT

Daughter C & Miss M you know. Kat & Tony are in Hong Kong. FEMALE HUMAN. FEMALE HUMAN. FEMALE HUMAN. MALE HUMAN.

That just leaves Mr. Big Food and I. MALE HUMAN. FEMALE HUMAN.


“LOL, Rocky! Funny stuff!”

DSCN3543And Tiger. MALE CAT

He likes the patio I built for him. Daughter C is going to put new siding on the second story of his highrise.