Hot & Cold

At Mother Jones via Instapundit. This cracked me up. It is summer in Mississippi.


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  1. For what it’s worth..the color of lightbulbs is expressed in degrees Kelvin. 41K (actually 4100K with the zeros dropped) is cool white. 2700K or 27K is warm white, 5K is “full spectrum” and 65K is daylight.

    Incandescent bulbs – if you can get them – are normally about 27K. Halogens are a bit cooler – maybe 35K. Fluorescents normally come in 27k, 3k, 35K, 41K, 5K and 65K. LEDs are more limited at the moment, usually coming in warm white – 27 to 3K – or 5K. Another couple of years and they’ll probably fill in the gaps. They’re still expanding the types of bulbs that are offered in LED.

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