Children are cool!

(For Marlena Rose)

DSCN3596 DSCN3597 DSCN3598 DSCN3599 DSCN3600 DSCN3601 DSCN3602Late yesterday evening Daughter C and I were sitting out on the patio and we noticed the sun. It was blood orange to our eyes. Beautiful.

Yes. There are lots of beautiful sunsets here at the Farm. This was one was different and if I were to put my weather-forecasting– or even my science-geek– hat on, I could spin a yarn about how it looked like rain all day and how it thundered and lighteninged for a significant part of the day but we got no rain and surely the atmosphere… blah blah blah.

But that wasn’t the point. The point was, we were seeing something quite remarkable. So of course we retrieved our picture taking devices. Turns out, neither of us thought we quite captured what we saw. Daughter C even said, “I can’t get it.” And I agreed but kept changing settings on my camera and snapping away anyway.

(Kat lives in my head when I’m bound and determined to capture something on film.)

The points are these:

1. You have a new baby. You are tired. You have committed yourself. (And there’s a reason for the phraseology.) Stick to it. Just keep doing your best. It is hard work being a mom.

2. In a mere 20 or 30 years, you, too will be watching suns and moons with your children.




DSCN3620And enjoying the photos they take of fried green tomatoes.