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Dear Daughter C, I don’t know where your pens & pencils are.

I had just finished taking this photograph and was about to indulge in a smidge of blogging about how I’d rearranged the Den and cleaned up my desk and organized my pens & pencils when I got a text from Daughter C asking if she had left a small canvas bag of pens “there.” I

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I apologize for the silence. But what with the computer being in the shop and the needing to reconnect every five minutes and the inability to logically approach the connection problem what with the computer being in the shop and all and … running on an outmoded iOS and all… . It made more sense

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This morning Mr. Big Food suggested that since I was going to be in wet Oktibbeha Co. later in the day I should pick up a bottle of Champagne to go along with the T-bone/ribeye steak he was planning on grilling this evening. So I put “get Champagne” on my Starkville to-do list. As I

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Recipe: Better Homes & Garden Dill Pickles and Kosher Variations

BH AND G DILL PICKLES AND KOSHER VARIATION FOR EACH QUART ½ lb 4 inch cucumbers (5-6) 3-4 heads fresh dill 1 tsp mustard seed 1 C water ½ C cider vinegar (good quality, 4-6 % acidity) 1 Tbsp (generous) granulated pickling salt Scrub cucumbers and pack loosely into hot quart jars, leaving ½ inch

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