What the 8#!$??

Who put Daughter C in the spam folder? Daughter C is not spam. She has posting privileges, for crying out loud. Her comments are not spam.

Good grief.

2 Responses

  1. Yea! I just commented, rather hilariously I might add, on the “Pickle Interruptus” post and don’t see my comment anywhere! What the devil is going on? Good grief.

    1. Good grief, indeed.

      If I may quote from the Redneck Collection, “There is great confusion on Earth.”

      I’ll try to sort it out but it ain’t easy on account of the fact that at every turn I am alerted to the fact that this computer is old and my ____ is out of date and not supported.

      Maybe from your end you could look at your status. You are an authorized dealer. And Kat has mega might-as-well-be-me privledges.

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